Sunday, 19 February 2012

List of GATE Exams with Paper Code

GATE(Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Exams with Paper Code:

GATE Organising Institute Conducts total of 21 Papers (15 Online and 6 Offline in GATE 2013). 
These are further sub-divided into sections for special GATE Papers. We're providing the exhaustive list of GATE Examination Papers with the Paper Code in braces, and Syllabus Linked with the text:
  1. General Aptitude (Common to All)
  2. Computer Science & Information Technology (CS)
  3. Electronics and Communication Engineering (EC)
  4. Electrical Engineering (EE)
  5. Mechanical Engineering (ME)
  6. Instrumentation Engineering (IN)
  7. Civil Engineering (CE)
  8. Pharmaceutical Sciences (PY)
  9. Biotechnology (BT)
  10. Mining Engineering (MN)
  11. Mathematics (MA)
  12. Aerospace Engineering (AE)
  13. Architecture and Planning (AR)
  14. Agricultural Engineering (AG)
  15. Chemical Engineering (CH)
  16. Chemistry (CY)
  17. Geology and Geophysics (GG)
  18. Metallurgical Engineering (MT)
  19. Physics (PH)
  20. Production and Industrial Engineering (PI)
  21. Textile Engineering and Fibre Science (TF)
  22. Engineering Mathematics (XE: Section A)
  23. Fluid Mechanics (XE: Section B)
  24. Materials Science (XE: Section C)
  25. Solid Mechanics (XE: Section D)
  26. Thermodynamics (XE: Section E)
  27. Polymer Science and Engineering (XE: Section F)
  28. Food Technology (XE: Section G)
  29. Chemistry (XL: Section H)
  30. Biochemistry (XL: Section I)
  31. Botany (XL: Section J)
  32. Microbiology (XL: Section K)
  33. Zoology (XL: Section L)
  34. Food Technology (XL: Section M)


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